Thursday, 5 May 2011

piffle and ramble

Well... I am doing exactly that THING.which.I.would.NEVER. do (as I feel it marks me with a certain taint of 'up my own proverbial'-ness)

but nonetheless, here it is. A BLOG. Apparently, as I am under the probably mistaken impression that I may want to be a published writer someday (and a princess, an astronaut, the next Madonna, nobel prize winner in physics...scratch the last entry) is de rigueur, as I must have mega saturated web presence and be contactable in multiple formats....pfffft. uber pffft. (the luddite in me scoffs, and has had to write this 2x as came off screen and neglected to save my work...)

I add keeping a blog to a universe sized list of THINGS I AM ALREADY NOT GETTING DONE due to the fact that I am mind numbingly busy with the following noble pursuits:

1. attempting to build loving relationship skills with husband and children that do not include Banshee level screaming or murder.
2. trying to keep house manageable, if not spotless whilst doing things that really matter to me (see #1 and pile on: writing, running lovely writers group, reading, attending church, writing, seeing mates, working, breathing, parents association, sleeping, eating copious amounts of hummus and chocolate but not together.)
2. practicing to be a little bit better as a person everyday (epic FAIL, as my 13 yr old would say)

As a result, BLOG keeping falls into the catagory of Things That Keep Me From Writing a Bestseller, along with scrabble on Facebook, ebay, unsolicited marketing phonecalls & a manic, attention seeking Border Collie that is only still alive as we are not in Thailand and I cannot feed him to kids when low on groceries.

Add to that, dear cyber stalkers, the fact that all of the above things are mostly boring to me and will therefore be completely boring to spectators. Which, need I point out the obvious, will make for one mega yawn inducing blog.

So Todays Point of Interest: READ NEIL GAIMAN. (am sending mind control vibes to all and sundry.) DO IT NOW!

After having loved his kids books (yes, I buy irreverent and subversive books for my kids at every opportunity), I have discovered his adult novels (stop thinking naughty thoughts) and have been devouring them at an unhealthy rate. I have to restrain myself from licking the pages as I am desperate to involve yet another sense in the experience. Have realised that at my current rate of consumption I will have exhausted his entire back catalog by end of summer and will have to resort to drastic measures.
In last 2 months I have read Neverwhere, The Graveyard Book, and Anansi Boys. Nearly cried upon reaching the end of Graveyard & Neverwhere because I couldn't stand it that the story was actually over.

Maybe I even will go so far as to go all Kathy Bates ALA Misery and kidnap him so he will write more for me.

Add his lovely turn of phrase and quirky story lines to the fact that he has gorgeous curly hair, and it's a done deal.
Anyways, my weakness for curly hair aside, READ his stuff, it is FAB.

Thus endeth my first Blog entry. It involved no injury or loss of blood, and I'm not asleep yet. hmmm. mission accomplished.

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  1. Jo, You know how much I love you! Your writings are just another reason to love you even more, if that is even possible. Keep writing. Your musings are quite amusing, especially for those of us whose lives are full of the everyday....with moments of joy if we but look. Thanks for helping me look deeper. ( : T