Friday, 5 October 2012

Have you ever heard that saying 'Be careful what you wish for?'

yeah, well...DON'T listen to it. Wish for things. Big things. Things you really want.

Then work your ass off to get them.

And when, IF and when, things start to look promising, relish every single minute of it, every little baby step towards the realisation of it, every little pat on the back that happens along the journey. Goals aren't just the END result, they are also the accumulation of knowledge, skills and experience that happens along way whilst you are busy chasing that 'thing' you want so much.

I've been fishing and had a nibble. Dropped a little dangling 15k worth of worms someone's way and they have decided to taste test the rest of the bait. It's ever so exciting because at the tender age of over 40 and under 50, it feels utterly delightful to have the small bit of validation that comes with this. Maybe all my scribbling time has not been a total waste, you know??

Well, not a waste at all really, as it's prevented me on many occasions from having to clean house, organise the dead batteries in the kitchen drawer according to size and colour, checking to see which pairs of trousers are too impossibly short for my boys to get away with any more...

so nibble away Mr. Fish. I think my worms are rather tasty little tid-bits, and I hope you do too.

---- ----- ---- ---- !!!!!!! ---- ---- ---- ---- we are again, quickly ticking off days on our calendars until.....NOOOOOO!!!!  Not another year of NaNoWriMo!!!!!!

I have a game plan this year. I can type slightly faster now....35 or 40 wpm as opposed to last years pathetic offering of only 27 words a minute.

And....hold onto your suspenders ladies, I actually have a PLOT, the production of which required one of those 'no children were harmed during...' disclaimers. (my poor neglected kids and it's only going to get worse)

I am a notorious pantser, and I suffered greatly for it last year. so, this year is going to be vastly different.

I have a detailed plot, which, as we speak, I am trying to tailor into a calendared (okay I made that word up but it works) format that tells me day by day which chapter I will write and how it will fit into an already existing 36k worth of MS that is more shapeless  and unorganised than the near to bursting contents of my girdle ('magic knickers' for you younger readers).

I also am researching in preparation.....I need to understand: pioneer preparation, SAS training, creation theories, pandora mythology, a bit of interstellar warcraft and some spaceship capability shite. Oh. and what it might sound like if you were to stick your head in the ocean and hear/understand the sounds of all the living things in it. And that's just for starters.

I'm thinking that December will be yet another writing free zone this year. we'll all need it!


  1. So proud of you, Joanna. It's fantastic news, and you have so much love and support from all of us! Good luck with the submission.

  2. Well done! You're doing great! Quite right too... it's all about the process!