Monday, 14 January 2013

I could  kiss frank zappa

Frittering away some time on FB a few days ago... (What? On FB??) when I remembered that I promised last month (#queue suitably ominous music)  on the eve of the END OF THE WORLD…that I’d write a blog post 2x a month if we all woke up in the morning.

(Silly me. I had every faith that we would, indeed still be here, and was only using it as a stick to poke myself to action.)

So here is number one post of January. OMG I have 23 more to go 'til this time next year…(slitting my wrists now)

I could kiss frank zappa…..

honestly, I could.

I love Meg Tuite ( ) In the last 2 years since committing myself to serious efforts with regards to my writing, I have been so blessed to encounter  amazing, talented, kind people from all over the world. In some instances to even be published alongside them. Meg is one of them. She posted this quote on FB

‘Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.’  Frank Zappa

POW!  I read it and had one of THOSE moments.

If like me, you are fond of beautiful words that feel luscious in your mouth when you say them, you might say it was an EPIPHANY. (Say it! Really, it feels great in your mouth. But I also love the feel of: Squish. And Amanuensis, which I think is a most beautiful word)

Say it again:

 ‘Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.’

Short. Sweet. True.                          
I loved Frank Zappa as a kid. My dad used to play him a lot. He made me feel a bit naughty. He wasn’t buttoned up. He wasn’t regular. He was weird. Different. Interesting. Loud.

He shook people up.

All the things I aspire to be and do.
(okay, yes, I realize I am already weird & loud...)

This year I haven’t set any resolutions (NOT a word I am in love with BTW) for the new year.
Basically my mantra is MORE & LESS.
MORE of the good.
LESS of the destructive.
Easy peasy.

So, figure out what your norm is. Kick it in the ass. Turn it on its head. Give it a good talking to.

Just don’t buddy up to it and spend your evenings curled up together eating popcorn and watching Netflix.


And for the record…if I actually was allowed the blessed privilege of kissing a Zappa, you could wrap DWEEZIL up and have him ready for me this weekend.  (***sigh***)
.... and tell him to bring those eyebrows.

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