Sunday, 24 July 2016

                                           (get me a bed and WiFi, I'm moving in)


so...the dreaded Mentee Bio


Ugh pull my teeth without anesthetic, please. I hate writing about myself.

In no particular order (Yes, I watch too much X-factor)

I write because there is a whole village full of people (yes some of them are the village idiots) living in my head and they are all crying out for a day pass.

I write Young Adult and New Adult  fiction, probably because in my head I am still 19 or 20. (I still listen to the music I listened to in college quite a bit. Shout out to all the Cure fans!) My favourite characters are broken, tangled  and feisty, just like my favourite friends. 

I like to disappear into the woods near my house with a fishing stool and my laptop. The smell of the trees and sounds of nature soothes my soul and feeds my imagination. Now if only my battery would be more cooperative!

Sometimes I write until my elbows and knees and finger joints are throbbing because I'm FEELING IT and I don't want to stop. Or sleep. Or feed my husband and kids. Or talk to any real humans.

I love editing. To me that's where the real beauty and shine comes out in my writing. First draft is an avalanche of 'get the hell out of my head already!' Second, third, fourth drafts? ...that's where the magic happens (harhar. Apologies to the husband who thinks it happens somewhere else)

After my first outing at NaNoWrimo in 2011 I co-founded (and still chair) a fantastic writers group full of funny, supportive, wickedly talented people who I adore and never get to spend enough time with.

In an ideal world Cinnabon, fruit, peanut butter and anything caramel flavoured would constitute a highly nutritional brain feeding (and non butt increasing) diet.

Weirdness, nerdy curiosity, and toddler like awe and wonder are my default modes.

In an alternate universe, I am a world renowned architect who creates elegantly strange and heart stopping buildings. In this universe I am so bad at math that anything I build would likely fall down around your ears. Flatpack furniture included.

Wear protective headgear.

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